Saturday, July 7, 2018

Remembering Half of It

One of the best things about our farm during the month of July is the farm crew (most years).  By the time we get to July everyone is starting to get a bit more comfortable with each other and the various senses of humor begin to show themselves. 

This year, we have the distinct advantage that both Caleb and Emma have been on the farm for three years and Sophie is no stranger to the farm either.  Then there are the two farmers, Rob and Tammy, who seem to be around all of the time as well.  As a result, we may have had a head start on the silliness that can happen despite bugs, heat, rain or silly people who spray in the wrong places at the wrong times.

We still make references to "Horned-fanged bats" and "Fat Bottomed Rats" and we will occasionally trot out Bohemian Rhapsody in honor of Jocelyn.  But, there are a number of 'new' entries for inside-joke of the year on the farm.  The problem?  I can't remember HALF of the things that seemed terribly funny at that particular moment.  C'mon Rob!  What's that little notebook in your pocket for anyway?

The Grudge Book
We don't always all break for lunch at the same time, but when we do - watch out!  This year Caleb mentioned the idea of a 'Grudge Book' that people should keep so that they don't 'forgive someone by accident.'  We're not entirely sure that Caleb is prone to holding a grudge - but we like him and don't really want to test the theory.  Besides, I don't really want to be in anyone's 'Grudge Book.'

Caleb, Emma and Jocelyn - we need to get a picture of Sophie!
What would the sales pitch for this be like anyway?

Avoid accidental forgiveness!  Use our NEW Grudge Book App!  Just download for $4.99 initial fee plus $9.99 per month for this personalized service.  Get automatic alerts on a schedule you choose to remind you that you should be grumpy AND to help you be sure that you are grumpy at the right person!  For an additional fee of $7.99 per month you can get an add-on service that will alert you when the phone GPS of any person in your Grudge Book is within shouting distance.  An additional $2.99 will prompt you with appropriate insults and creative derogatory comments! 

But wait!  There's more...

No, there isn't more.  But, it could be interesting to see what else I could think of if I felt like it, wouldn't it?

The Hazards of Thistle Butt
We spend a fair amount of time crawling at our farm - especially when we need to weed in row.  Sometimes, certain people (who shall remain nameless - right Emma?) decide that it is more comfortable to sit and skootch as they weed a row. 
Ah, there's Sophie.  We think.
We are all aware that dried Canadian Thistle hurts ALOT if you put your hand in it.  That's why we try to pull those weeds out of the row and take them to the compost pile.  None of us wants to get stuck by those things if we can help it.  But, what happens if you are doing the butt skootch?

For those of you who don't know this technique, you use your arms and legs to help move yourself forward or backward while you are in the sitting position.  Of course, as the day goes on, the rear end does not always clear the ground - making it more of a skootch than a reverse crawl.  If you do the forward skootch, you can see what you are getting into.  But, the reverse crawl is fraught with the possibility that the single dried thistle in the entire row will park itself in a spot where you get the unpleasant sensation of sitting on it.

Good Group of People
We know we're incredibly lucky to have wonderful people working with us on the farm.  We all work hard and do our best and it never hurts to have a little fun as we work our way through it all.

Now, I've got to have that notebook out so I can catch more of the wonderful nuggets that get tossed my way every week.

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