Saturday, March 21, 2020

Gentle Reminders

We have been using the term "gentle reminder" for some time when we send out our second note for egg, veg, poultry delivery days.  We do this because we know days are busy for people and a reminder is often necessary for them to place their order or remember to come pick their orders.  Neither Tammy nor I tend to like to be aggressive in our sales pitches because we both know that sort of sales pitch turns us off.  Hence, the gentle reminder approach.

Well, here we are, in a world facing a pandemic.  If there was ever a time we need gentle reminders, it is now.  While the Genuine Faux Farm probably isn't a primary source for influencing people one way or the other, we do know a few people take something away from the things that we post here or on places such as Facebook.  And, you know what?  Even if no one else reads these things, we will write them anyway as a reminder to ourselves.  Why?  Because how we react will cause ripples with others that know us.  That alone makes it worthwhile.

The two of us have been making adjustments, just as everyone else has been (or should be) doing.  The blog hasn't gotten the love it deserves lately, but this will be rectified in coming weeks.  To start us off, I will include the gentle reminders that have appeared recently on Facebook for your viewing pleasure.

March 13 - Today's gentle reminder to focus on something beautiful - all the while doing your best to do the right thing.
March 14 - Today's gentle reminder - the snow falls now, but there remains promise in the soil.

March 15 - Today's gentle reminder from the farm - even if you can't go there physically, you can still find a calm place by picturing it in your mind.

March 16 - Today's less than gentle reminder from the Sandman - "Everyone take care of yourselves and take care of each other! I, the Sandman, have spoken! - Now... go take a nap."
March 17 - Today's gentle reminder from the farm - there will be flowers. Make sure you see them when they grace you with their presence.

March 18 - Today's gentle reminder from the farm - an annoyance for some just may be nectar to others.

March 19 - Today's gentle reminder from the farm - flowers on fruit bearing plants provide more than one kind of food.

March 20 - Gentle reminder of the day from the farm - sometimes a kind word and a skritch or two behind the ears is all you need to find a little bit of peace.

March 21 - Today's gentle reminder from the farm - slow down and find something that soothes you wherever you are. Then, let yourself be soothed.

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