Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Signs of the Tines

Yes, a broadfork DOES have tines. It is essentially a metal bar that has pointed metal tines projecting downwards and two ash handles, one each projecting upwards on each side.

The cultivating broadfork I've been using the last couple of days requires the following procedure.
  1. Place tines where you want them on the soil
  2. Step up onto the bar with sufficient downward force to make the tines go into the soil
  3. Either step off and up again or do other movements to get tines into the ground all the way up to the bar.
  4. Step off the bar and walk backward holding onto the handles, making the tines move away from you in the ground.
  5. Walk forward and push the handles forward - making the tines move toward you in the ground.
  6. Bring the handles back to vertical and pull the tines out of the ground.
  7. Step backwards and find a point 8 to 10 inches away from the last point
  8. Rinse and repeat until the row (about 70 feet) is done.
And, the signs of the tines today?

Um, sore feet and various muscles that tell me I've essentially been doing a stair stepper more than I am used to.

If I could only find a way to do each of these tasks every day, or every other day, instead of in these concentrated bursts, I might be able to avoid the sore muscle episodes. Well...maybe not...but one can dream.

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