Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Web of Local Foods

We just got a dose of confirmation as to why we have made it a goal to sell all of our produce and poultry products locally (a radius of 50 miles of the farm). And, that confirmation came in the form of our turkey flock that was taken to the processor and is being delivered to those who reserved them. And, we thought it might be nice to remind everyone ELSE how supporting local foods can be a rewarding experience.

  • The boost we received from the support of our buyers is worth more than we can enumerate in any particular units. Certainly dollar signs would be an insult here. Suffice it to say that the positive comments, flexiblity in working with delivery points and times, willingness to discuss options and give feedback, concern for our well-being and success, and the simple fact that we feel valued is enough to fuel us into preparations for next year. You will NOT be able to convince us that we would receive the same support if we shipped birds or produce to all parts of the country. This is truly a local foods experience!
  • We are more motivated than ever to continue to improve how we raise our poultry, handle our egg production and perform as stewards of our vegetable crops. Why? Because the people who consume these products are important to us. We KNOW who you are. We have learned things about you and we wish you well. We WANT to provide you with quality food. It is important to us that we do our best for you.
  • Support of our local food production results in support for a host of other fine individuals in our communities. Consider only the 35 turkeys we just took in for processing. Those who purchased our birds supported our work on the farm, certainly. But, do not forget that you are also supporting the processor, who does a fine job and takes their role in providing fine product seriously. Or, consider the local farmer from whom we buy the organically certified feed. And, of course, consider the individuals we are able to hire as part time workers form local communities. We take the support of those who believe in us and spread that support to other local businesses and individuals in ways that we judge to be best. And guess what? They are interested in our success for the same reason we are concerned about those who buy our product.
We may be a small farm. It may be only one turkey you purchased from us - or one pound of potatoes - or a head of lettuce. But, how many people are positively influenced by your choice to buy something from a local food producer? You might be surprised.

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