Monday, November 2, 2009

So That's Where That Went!

This blog entry is brought to you courtesy of my brain.

Yes, the slightly addled, bemused and amused brain that has been taking note of things the last couple of days that are being 'refound' as a result of 'end of growing season' tasks.

Case in point. We knew we had an additional clipboard and some laminated signs to be used for farmers' markets. They were needed back in, oh, August and September. Could they be located at that time? No. Could we identify the perfect spot where they had been placed so we wouldn't have trouble locating them at that time? No. Is it likely that we buried them deeper in an effort to locate them? Right on three.

It gets better. I can now remember very clearly the thought process that went into selecting this location. I can even remember many of the events of that day, etc. Neat. But, unhelpful.

I think I'll put these things back where I found them. I can amuse myself next November relocating them again.

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