Saturday, July 10, 2010

High Tunnel Field Day 2 (Build Day 3)

Pictures from Friday for our 2 day high tunnel build field day follow:

Friday morning focused on afixing the polycarbonate to the end walls. And adjusting the end walls as discoveries were made. Wiggle wire channel and other hardware are difficult to show here, but these also took up time and energy.

And, this is what the structure looked like at lunch time.

And now we learn why tennis balls were on the supply list.

Pulling the cover over the high tunnel.

Breeze was light - be even a light breeze requires many hands to hold the plastic down. Happily, no one became an involuntary wind surfer.

Pulling the plastic tight the long way. Apparently those who build these things are allowed to stand on the top rung!

And, here we are fluffing and pulling the skin tight on the tunnel. Light from the heavens gives us its blessing.

Putting wiggle wire in the top to hold the plastic in place.

And, wiggle wire on the sides.

With the exception of the door on the east, this is what the high tunnel looked like at the end of Friday.

Our sincere thanks to all who helped us with this project in so many ways. We'll post more pictures as the finishing touches are made.

R & T

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