Monday, October 11, 2010

Farm Report

October 11 farm report

  • A group of UNI MBA students are putting together a survey for the GFF CSA.  We have received a draft and they will be sending this survey out to our members very soon.  We are hopeful that we can gather some information that will help us to continue to improve what we do.
  • Ducks are now processed and available.  Chickens go in on the 18th of October.  Turkeys on October 29.  We have more to sell - so contact us if you want them.  Also, we don't have freezer space to store them indefinitely, so we encourage people to find freezer space for their birds!
  • We intend to run the CSA through the end of October.  So, unless something happens, the last dates will be Oct 25 (Mon at farm), Oct 26 (Tue at Waverly), Oct 28 (Thu at Roots)
  • There will be a Harvest Market in Waverly this year.  It will be Saturday Nov 6 from 8:30 - 11:30 and Saturday December 4 during the same time slot.  At the community center (indoors).  We will be attending with some of our high tunnel produce.
  • Weather has been warm and dry.  Thus, there will be some irrigating going on this week.
  • Summer crops are being cleaned up (summer squash, cucumber, etc) as the frosts ended useful harvests from these.  There are a few sneaky eggplant that are growing since only the top half of these plants were singed.  But, anything we get from crops such as this will be minimal.  Perhaps there will be enough to make a miscellaneous box at distribution.
  • Fall/winter crops look healthy.  The broccoli looks beautiful but is making us nervous as it fails to set heads for harvesting.  Kohlrabi is on pace for a harvest.  Kale is wonderful.  The next batch of lettuce is growing.  All in all - pretty successful.
  • We continue to look for implements to use on our new tractor.  We have, however determined that we do not exactly have a Ford 8n.  We are calling it a Ford 8.5n.  The chassis is a 9n and the engine is an 8n.  In other equipment news, the tiller for the JD lawn tractor is going to need an overhaul.  The earlier report of a break in the shielding for the chain must be expanded to a broken chain and a few other things.  I think it is done for the season.
  • If you are a current CSA member and you wish to return for the 2011 season, the time to sign up and reserve a spot (before we open it up to anyone on a first come first served basis) is upon us.  Once again, you reserve a spot with a $25 deposit.  We will hold the price the same as this season for all returning CSA members. 

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