Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In with the new

There have been a number of things happening on the farm that are requiring adjustments or additional work.  And, since I am not feeling creative - we'll just report and forego the usual silliness that accompanies.  Ok, I probably won't - it's in my nature.

  • After seven years, we finally have purchased a new computer.  It is six months later than originally budgeted, but that is how it goes.  Of course, the machine still needs to be set up, etc.  So, this represents *more* work to do.  Doesn't that figure?
  • We couldn't see ourselves without a pair of indoor cats - something we have had most of our married lives.  So, we now have two kittens in the kitchen.  We believe in introducing the house in small(ish) portions.  It's good for the kittens - and better for us.  I foresee MORE cleaning coming up before the next expansion of territory.  Names of the cats?  Hobnob and Bree.  Ah, more LOTR references (our previous cats were Eowyn and Strider).  And, yes, I have already stepped on one.  Yes, it made an awful noise.  Yes, the human came out on the worse side of the encounter.
  • The high tunnel has produced some fruits from our late summer planting.  We have had a couple of melons, some tomatoes, green beans and a couple of peppers.  All in all, we have to be happy with getting something/anything from this planting.  
  • Durnik is slated for a bit more work today.  I am rapidly getting accustomed to the tractor - a good thing.
  • The tiller attachment for the lawn tractor is still in pieces.  Not sure when I'll get to that one.  But, I will.
  • A recent scouting expedition found broccoli heads the size of a quarter.  We are on pins and needles as to whether these will fill out.  If they don't, I suppose that is too bad.  It certainly has been worth the try.
  • The meat birds and the ducks have been processed.  The turkeys go in at the end of the month.  Already, the amount of required chore work for the birds is far saner.  It will be even better once all of the processed birds are delivered!
  • The feed transport system developed by our friend Jeff S has had its trial run.  It made it up to Frantzen Farms and back safely and with 1000lbs of feed for the hens.  So far so good.
  • We're still trying to find the mental energy and time to figure out how we will do the season extension shares we intend to do.  I suspect our time has run out, so something will be done about it asap.
  • Team USA II is 3-1 in clashes and in the middle of the last clash of the round robin stage of the Nation's Cup Ticket to Ride tournament.  Looks like we qualify to go into the 'knockout' phase (single elimination tournament).  Hurray for us!
  • Rob and maybe Tammy will be speaking at the Iowa Organic Conference on Nov 22. 
  • It seems to me that there is much more going on at this time.  But, I lack the brain waves to figure it out.  But, I guess that's why the blog is here and it allows me to edit!

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