Friday, September 9, 2011

Farm Crawl

A "Farm Crawl" has been held for the past couple of years south of Des Moines, featuring farms such as our friends at Blue Gate Farm.  For the first time, there will be a Farm Crawl sponsored by NIFFP (Northern Iowa Food & Farm Partnership) and the Genuine Faux Farm is a part of this event.

What is a Farm Crawl?
A farm crawl is simply a series of open houses put on by local farms.  You may visit as many or as few of the farms on the farm crawl list as you desire in any order you wish.  Each farm host will be ready to answer questions and show interested persons around the farm.  Farms range in size from very small to somewhat larger.  Each host farm may have some special feature at their farm and many may have products available for purchase or samples for tasting.

The NIFFP informational page can be found at this link.

When is the Farm Crawl?
The Farm Crawl is September 11 (Sunday) and will run from 1pm to 5pm.

Where is the Farm Crawl?  Or - who is participating?
NIFFP informational page provides bios for all participating farms and includes links to different map routes.  In addition to our farm, you may take an opportunity to visit the Hawkeye Buffalo Ranch (located north of us) or the Englebrecht Family Winery (also to our north).  Or, perhaps you can visit Rainbow Ridge Farm (sweet potatoes, potatoes) and also take a taste of Angry Cedar's handcrafted brews.  If you wish to take another route, you can visit Hansen's Dairy or one of several orchards!  Go to the CEEE site and take links for the various routes.

How do I get there?
GFF is part of the "long Northern Route".  You may see a map route at this link.  Rainbow Ridge is omitted, for some reason from this route, but would not be difficult to add or substitute.  They are on the 'short Northern Route" and a map is located here.

What is GFF planning on doing for the Farm Crawl?
We are skipping farmers' market on Saturday to prepare for this event.  It is our intent to have heirloom tomatoes available for tasting.  We will have heirloom tomatoes available for purchase depending on what the plants give us to pick.  We will gladly give everyone the "nickel tour" and answer questions about how we grow our produce and raise our poultry.  At present, we have turkeys, ducks, chickens and one friendly farm manager cat.

We hope to see you there.

Rob & Tammy

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