Monday, September 26, 2011

Lotsa Things!

We apologize for not getting much on the blog lately.  So - here's the first installment of trying to make up for it!


GF7 Festival: Scheduled for Sunday, October 2!  Mark the calendar.

Ducks: They have been processed and are available for purchase.  We do realize that some have been ordered.  They are currently stored in the Fredericka Locker.  We need to sell more of them to make the trip possible so we can remove all of them rather than just a few at one time.  It makes tracking much easier.

Organic Inspection:  Went very well (Sep 7) and we just need to pay the inspection bill and we are certified organic for yet another year.

Last Week of CSA will be week of October 18,19,20: Barring, of course, major surprises.

Chickens: Fall chickens go to "the park" on October 10.  Get those reservations/orders in now!

Turkeys: Go to "the park" on October 28.  Ready to take orders on these as well.

Fall Extended Season: It's on the list of things for us to do.  We expect to begin signing up for this 1st week of October.

Next Year's CSA: We will begin taking $25 deposits for next year starting the 1st week of October as well.

Receipts: We printed out professional looking invoice/receipt books (thanks to the Printery in Waverly).  Please humor us as we make receipts and give you a copy when you pay a deposit or pay for the fall CSA.  Why?  We want to make our record keeping more reliable and simple than it has been.  This has helped us with our direct sales so far - it should help with the CSA tracking as well.

Hayrack: The deck is on the hayrack.  Unfortunately, the steering is still frozen.  Ah - more work.

Truck Barn: Mostly framed in and mostly sided - even mostly primed and first coat of paint.

Tomatoes: Shivering and struggling.  We will do what we can to fill the orders placed.

Tractor: Durnik the tractor is not happy right now.  Looks like the "mechanic hat" needs to be put on.

Office: See the pile on the desk?  That's what I have to do.  Looks like there's another hat I need to wear!  Funny think about working outside so much... you don't see the paperwork - until you go into the office on a cold, windy, rainy day.

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