Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Truck Barn

One of the projects on the farm has been to convert the truck barn into a more useful space on the farm.  While I don't have a picture here of the building before the work (or while the door was down), I think you'll appreciate the effort and the progress.

The east side had two large 10x10 foot doors.  One was nailed shut prior to our taking possession of the farm.  In addition, much of the bottom plate of the east portion of the building was rotting away.  Yes, that is a *bad* thing.

Thanks to Steve J and Ryan D, the door came down.  Steve and I got the frame in on the East and Jim F has been plugging away on fixing the framing and putting on new siding, etc.   Denis D has gotten in on the painting as well.  Lots of good work on it!

 East Side - note the middle (just right of the new door) is not yet fixed in this picture.  You might also note the electrical box (new this year).  It might be nice to have a light in the building as the days are getting shorter.
 And, this was the progress on the building prior to yesterday and today.  We don't have a picture of it yet - but the area to the right is finished.  We just need to do trim and priming/painting.
 West side was a double sliding door with the south slider being nailed shut (again prior to our taking possession of the property).  Door is down, new frame and siding and a nice crank-out window.  Won't it be nice when we scrape and paint the rest?  I smell a Tom Sawyer Day.  Anyone?

The southeast corner was in desperate shape until this week.  There is now a window in the door's place.  It looks much better and is much more secure.
The view towards these buildings has changed alot this year.

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