Monday, February 6, 2012

On the Fly

It's time for a quick farm report.  And, since I'm not feeling 'creative,' we'll just rely on a bunch of blurbs and see if it makes any sense in the end.

  • We have attended the PFI Conference (Jan) and will be attending the Cooperator's Meeting this week (PFI again).  We'll see if we can influence some of the research projects sponsored by PFI this year.  
  • The vegetable seed orders are in!  We still need to get the cover crop order in and the potato seed order in.  So, I guess we're not REALLY done.
  • Started the organic certification paperwork for 2012.  It gets easier every year as I'm able to build on prior years work.  That, and I know better what I'm doing. can be a good thing.
  • We're modifying and improving the field plans again this year.  Of course, I was hoping to just reuse last year's plans.  But, we learned so many things last year with our new equipment...  That and we're changing the rotation in hopes that it handles the last of the residual issues form 2008 and 2010.
  • Speaking of changing the rotation.... (*we were?!*)  For those who don't know or remember - we have two field/plot rotations.  One is a 7 year rotation and the other is 4 year (soon to be 5?).  We've flip flopped some crops between the two in response to what we've learned.  It sounds like a good move.
  • We are taking reservations for CSA spots this year.  Plenty of openings.  Spread the word.
  • The hens are laying, the hens are laying.  Something about averaging 4.5 - 5 dozen eggs a day.  
  • Speaking of birds.  We still have 2 turkeys available for sale.  Anyone?  Anyone?
  • Thinking back to crop changes.  We are anticipating using a paper mulch this year on a trial basis.  We'll probably talk about it more on the blog later, but suffice it to say, we're trying to hold the weeds down to a dull roar.
  • Lots of building, fixing and reconfiguring are on the docket for this season (again).  We're looking at new doors on two buildings, making a new hen room and chick room in another building, finally putting a deck on the back of the house... Ok, the list is long.  As always, balancing time and money is the issue.  
  • We'll be going to the organic conference in LaCrosse again this February.  Anyone want the A to Z cookbook?  Let us know.
  • Tammy is on sabbatical this term.  All I can say is that this is a much deserved change of pace for her.  She still has plenty to do, but it is nice to have the schedule flexibility.  I'm very proud of her work.
  • It looks like we're going to have our Cedar Falls drop off at Hansen's Outlet in Cedar Falls - it is only a few blocks from the Roots drop off.  But, we feel this will be a bit safer than the parking lot at Roots.  We were just getting a bit too nervous about all of the traffic combined with the smaller children, etc.  Certainly, Hansen's will be busy as well, but we think we can provide a more contained environment.  More on this topic at a later date as well.
  • We keep saying it, but our time seems to get swallowed up.  The big CSA signup push is COMING.  We need to get through the Cooperator's Meeting first, then we go!
  • Billing for the CSA.  The stamps have arrived, time for Rob to put the billing together!  
  • On another front, Rob is completing a postal history exhibit to be shown in Cleveland.  If you scroll down the blog a bit, you'll get an idea as to some of the contents.
  • If you are looking for presentations from the two of us - now is the time to ask.  If not, don't ask.  But, say hello anyway.  We are usually polite.  
Well...ok.  Tammy is polite, kind and good looking.  That guy with the red well.  He takes showers periodically.

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