Friday, February 10, 2012

We're Listing Captain

We may be listing, but let's try to avoid the sinking part!

Everything is beautiful in February.  All the crops are growing well and weed free in our mind's eye.  But, our lists are also growing in February.  Who fertilized them so well?  We really want to know!

Things on our minds (and therefore our lists) at this time.

  • We really need to work on keeping rabbits out of the high tunnel.  We've identified what we want to do.  Now we have to do it.  But, it's frustrating to go out and see lots of nothing where there should be something.
  • Obviously, the barn is no longer an option for use.  That means some of the things we used it for have to find new homes.  We're starting to feel the pressure as the season creeps closer.  
  • Then there's all the paper work that really MUST get done.  We're plugging along, but paper work seems to beget paperwork.  Just like each line item on a list begets more line items.  Even when you cross one off!
  • Seed starting time is coming!  Yep, onions and perennial spices will get planted in trays very soon.  Uf.  Are we really doing this already?
  • Being involved in grants and research is great.  But, they all have their things that need to get done.  And, of course, they need to get done before we get to absorbed by the growing season.  Hmmmmm.
  • Are you beginning to wonder why a blog post is appearing when I have lists of things to do?  So am I!  But, there is no denying the therapeutic quality of a blog post for the writer.
  • It would be nice to accomplish a few house repair items before the season gets going too.  The humans deserve a decent place to live too, don't they?  No.  Ok, chicken room it is!  As long as we keep the hay fresh in the house, all is well.  And, I thought this list was supposed to help clarify my thoughts - now I'm confused!
  • On the plus side, most of our seed orders have already arrived.  Yay!
  • If you are familiar with our farm even a little bit, you might recall that there is a building slab with remnants of an old building still on it.  We've been working on cleaning that area up for years now.  This Spring.  We want it done.  It is time.  I said that last year.  Uh oh.
  • On the other hand, we don't have a giant maple tree to clean up this Spring, nor do we have to take down and level out a fence line that has been on the farm for decades.  Does this mean we have a chance to get to that building cleaned up?
  • The walk-in cooler project is resurfacing.  There is no doubt it needs to get done.  There is doubt in my mind as to whether it *will* get done.  That's the way things on the farm go sometimes.
  • More portable bird shelters are on the docket.  We're fine tuning.  There's a fine line between portable and kite-like.
  • Hmmm. Maybe we should start working on recruiting a work crew for the season.
This is how we cope.  The list we are thinking about/worrying about/considering/working on (pick the moment and one of these applies) is long and has alot of question marks.  But, we look at 2011 and see the amazing list of accomplishments on the farm for the year.  And we think about all of the help we received from a bunch of people (thank you all!).  That's when we realize that a) a list is only a list  b) we will accomplish a number of things this year  c) the list of accomplishments for the year will have its differences from the wish list of February.  That's how it is and that will be ok.

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