Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Promotional Push and Other Stuff

We're beginning our promotional push to fill up our regular season CSA.  One of the tools is the poster you can see below:

You will find this poster soon in the Hansen's Dairy stores in Waterloo and Cedar Falls.  We've long been avid supporters of Hansen's and their farming and business approach and have great respect for the Hansen family and their efforts.  That - and the milk is fabulous.  We're spoiled and have trouble drinking most other milk now.

On other fronts, we are officially moving our Cedar Falls delivery point to the Hansen's Outlet there.  It is very near our old location at Roots Market, so should not cause any undue problems in drive time for our share holders.  We love the Hansen's product and we feel that this is consistent with our desire to promote local, sustainable agriculture that helps you to see who your farmers are and how things are done.

Don't read anything into this, Roots Market fans.  It is primarily the issue that the Roots parking lot and our method of distribution are not likely the best match.  With the number of small children coming with their parents to CSA pickups, we felt this would be a safer location.  And, since Roots is only a couple of blocks away, you can still get all of your shopping done at Hansen's and at Roots after you pick up your shares!

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