Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More Than a Teaspoon

I'm currently tired enough that I'm bound to misquote here.  But, I seem to recall somewhere in the Harry Potter series that Hermione says something to Ron about having the emotional range of a teaspoon....  Sometimes it feels like it might be nice to have a simpler set of emotions and tasks on our plate.  This is one of those moments.  But, I know that I like variety and challenges, so I'll get over it.  One way of getting over it - and of keeping everyone informed regarding the farm - is to put a blog post out there so you can see what's on our minds.

Tall Farmer
We both spent a good part of the day while we were working outside thinking about the "Tall Farmer."  He underwent surgery today to remove some tumors and word is that all went as planned in a 6+ hour surgery.

The back door has been falling apart slowly but surely.  In fact, it has been getting worse as more people spend time on the farm.  Tammy and I get used to closing it a certain way, but it is pretty hard to get the plumber, new workers, etc etc to close it that way.  As a result, it wasn't looking very promising for continued use.  Happily, my Dad is here for a few days and he was willing to pick up a door and put it in for us.  It's pretty cool when a good sized project like that gets done and you only have to lend help when an extra hand is needed.

Speaking of Doors
We were?  Oh, yes we were!  We're pleased to have working overhead doors on the granary and the truck barn.  Already has come in useful.

Getting tired of a particular raccoon that gets into the bee hive each night.  Its days are numbered.  If only that number were one....  Though if it decided to move away, that would be fine too.

Two days.  2200 feet of taters in the ground.

Beans, beans the Miracle Fruit
Not to be outdone....1000 feet of green beans.  1600 feet of other bush beans.  All planted before noon today.  Earthway seeders are great when the rows are well prepared.

Organic Certification
Our inspection is tomorrow AM.  I don't mind the visits at all.  It has more to do with how human schedules never seem to match with nature.  We are frantically planting before rain (we hope).  It is likely to rain tomorrow afternoon or evening.  We want as much in as we can get prior to that.  We'll try to do that and the inspection.  Why not?  We can do anythin' an' everythin'.

Three Cups of Tea and Three Trays of Leeks
If it's iced tea, I'll take it.  If it's leeks, they're in the ground.  That's something like um....  1000 leeks?  Hope they're good this year.

Water Wands are Not (Entirely) Magical
I suppose the whole idea of a water want and the ability to put a water breaker on the end to soften the blow of water on target plants could be considered magical.  However, these wands are not the sort you wave once and solve problems.  In fact, with all the hot, dry and windy weather, we've become more acquainted with our water wands, hoses, etc than we really want to.  It eats time to have to water plants two or three times a day to keep them alive.

Insta Tan Part II
Another bout with wind.  Another day of Insta Tan.  We're getting so used to it, that we don't think anything about taking a trip into Sumner for a quick dinner (we just had to get away from the farm for a few minutes) and NOT doing more than washing hands (up to the elbow) and face (mostly).  Had goggles on for a while, so got to do the Inverse Raccoon look too.  One downside...blowing your nose and getting enough dirt to pot a geranium.

Heat & Bolting
A small crop report item.  We had some greens timed for early June.  Lots of it is already bolting.  Before reaching maturity.  A series of 80 to 90+ degree days does it every time.  Not cool.  We'll just keep planting and do what we can.  It's enough to get a farmer grumpy some days.

Gang of Four at Grinnell Heritage Farm
Our first of four visits for the Gang of Four occurred Sunday.  We had the pleasure of helping transplant sweet potatoes and learn how to use a water wheel transplanter.  Andy was nice and told us the goal was 4 rows - we got 8 done.  By the way...a "row" was probably 400 feet.  There were four left for his crew.  All I can say - it is fun to work with this group of people.  Wish we all were closer.  Or worked the same farm.  That'd be one heck of a farm!

Pieces of Barn
High winds = pieces of barn periodically taking flight.  Rethinking where we have the broilers now and will begin the process of moving them tomorrow.

Henlet - Shakespeare should have written it....
The henlets are outdoors now in their own little building and with their own section of electric fence.  They eat different food than the hens and we need to give them time to grow before we integrate the flock.

Asparagus, Asparagus...There's something funny about asparagus!
Looks like this will be the last week picking asparagus.  They want to fern out and they've been going for a while.  It's not quite what we wanted.  But, that's the way it is sometimes.  At least we got asparagus!  And it has been yummy!


  • Friday 4pm to 6pm at Hansen's Outlet - Plant Sale.  Many plants still available.  
  • Saturday  8:30am to 11:30 am.  Waverly Farmers' Market.  Lots of plants available!
  • Monday  3:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  Iris Fest at the farm!  Potluck. We will provide a turkey to share (cooked!)  We do not plan on firing up the grill.  You may bring other items for the potluck.  Bring chairs, games, attitudes ready to enjoy the day and the farm! 

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