Friday, May 4, 2012

Wire to Wire

Today is/was one of those wire to wire days.

We set an alarm to make sure we got up and moving quickly.  That was a good thing because we were pretty exhausted and were both sound asleep when it went off.  Usually one or the other (or both) of us is awake before the alarm.

We had a visit from Jo Foster's Environmental Biology class today from about 9am to noon.  That meant, of course, that we had to get chores done, do a little mowing so paths were ready for a tour, gather tools, etc before they got here.  Tammy likes to have zucchini or pumpkin bread for groups like this, so she started that in the morning as well. 

We managed to be mostly ready and Tammy was able to finish things up while Rob gave the famous GFF nickel tour!  On completion of the tour (final stop was to see the baby chicks), we had some Q&A and then we got to split people into groups to do some farm tasks.  The group was fabulous and worked hard and did their best to be helpful.  We are most grateful!

But, as with all things like this, there is prep and there is 'tear down.'  So, we had to do that as well.  The group will be pleased to hear that we managed to finish the raking they came very close to completing before the rains came this evening (with an hour to spare!).

Since our first Waverly Farmers' Market is tomorrow morning, we had to go get our truck in Waverly (getting a checkup).  It needs some repairs - but it is a 20 year old truck.  On getting back home, we needed to pick for the market, clean, pack, etc.  We also needed to get all of the seedlings watered, etc etc etc.  We managed to get everything put away and under cover before we had the back end of a thunderstorm come through.  I need to print a few more labels/signs and we're catching some ZZz's until tomorrow - which will come early.

so - come see us!  Talk to us!  Buy some lettuce, asparagus, spinach, kale or green onions.  Try one of our Silvery Fir Tree tomato plants - great for pots!  Tammy will be inside the W with a table at the Health Fair.  Rob will be outside with the Farmers' Market contingent.  We'll have our organic canvas bags with our logo for sale and we'll have the MACSAC cookbooks along for the ride.

R & T

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