Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Weight of the Nation on HBO

Rob and Tammy from Genuine Faux Farm joined several other Practical Farmers of Iowa members in a discussion for HBO a couple years ago (2010 - you can see a reference on this past blog post) at Grinnell Heritage Farm. The website for the film is here: http://theweightofthenation.hbo.com/
We are told that you might see PFI farmers in Part IV of the main film and perhaps even more in the bonus feature: Healthy Foods and Obesity Prevention: Increasing Markets for Fruit and Vegetable Farmers

The focus of the film series is on the obesity problem we are currently seeing in the United States.  The timing of the release has to do with the impending FARM BILL.   If you don't think you should pay attention to the farm bill - then you are wrong.  The farm bill should really be a FOOD BILL.  Why do you think we have so much support for corn syrup and soybean oil (for example)?   Why do you think many farmers get most of their crop insurance paid for them and small farms such as ours can't get reasonable crop insurance?  Pay attention to this bill if you really want to make a difference in our country.

Note: we do not have television on the farm and our internet is way too slow to view. So - someone else view it and let us know if it is good or not! 

What we do know is that the discussion we had in Grinnell was fascinating and intense.  I don't recall everything that was said and I certainly don't recall everything Tammy or I might have said.  I suspect I was too scary looking and they edited parts with me out of the mix.  But, Tammy's cool - so she might be there.  

I wonder if I would still say the same things now with another year or so of experience?  But, I do know this - we want to produce good food.  We want our right to produce this good food to be defended.  We (GFF) are not asking for handouts or subsidies, but we are asking for a leveled playing field.  Let's change this so that those less fortunate aren't finding that they must select potato chips instead of broccoli because of cost. OR, worse yet, because they don't know how to use broccoli and turn it into a meal that costs less than the potato chips.  Let's change this so people have the option to select farming as their career. 

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