Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lots and Not So Much

May is the most difficult month for us to put consistent blog posts out - even though we realize it would be nice to keep everyone updated on farm progress.  However, by the time the farmer gets back to the office, the brain powers isn't always there to accomplish the task.  So, here we are - giving it a go.  I'm not that tired since I am only seeing double right now.  So, this SHOULD work.

Dreaming Big to Grow Here - PartTwo
Many of you may recall that we participated in the Cedar Valley region Dream Big Grow Here contest and were able to win the prize.  Well, tomorrow marks the date that Rob gets to deliver his pitch for the state contest in Iowa City.  Once again, he will do his best to represent all of you in the hopes of bringing home the prize.  Winning will help us to complete a new high tunnel building on the farm so we can better serve you!

Starter Plant Sales
We are at Waverly Farmers' Market on Saturdays throughout May (8:30-11:30AM) with starter plants.  Featuring our heirloom/heritage tomatoes and peppers.  We will also be at Hansen's Outlet each of the next two Fridays (May 16 and 23) from 4pm to 6pm with our plants.  Same prices as last year, so come and get them!  We will try to have some other plants as well, but the cool weather has caused some issues with those plans.

Regardless, the plants are looking good and looking for homes!

Bathing in Style
While it is not exactly a farm thing, it does involve the farm house in which your farmers reside.  It also is taking some of your farmers' attentions.  We are trying to finish the installation of a bathroom in the house.  Happily, the downstairs bath is functional, but we're hoping to get a second floor bath up to a reasonable level of functionality very soon.  This could be especially nice about this time of year when legs are a bit sorer than usual as we get used to using them much more.  If you don't understand, then consider sore legs and having to go down a flight of stairs to use the restroom in the middle of the night - when you are half asleep. 

Ok - now you get it.

Weather Or Not
Weather patterns tend much more to the extremes than they did in years past.  We can attest to it.  For the second time in two years, we had so much rain in a 24 hour period that the high tunnel had water go through it (and soak the ground) and we had standing water in the cold frame area.  The good news?  It happened a month earlier in the year than it did last year.  The bad news?  It still gets in the way of our getting things done on the farm. 

Ok - so the weather does weird stuff.  Now we work to deal with it!

Not Bad
288 sweet peppers potted to day.  We'll take it.  And, no, that wasn't all we did today.  A little sunshine, not too much wind, reasonable temperatures.  All of that made for a better work day and we took advantage of it.  Here's hoping the trend continues.

Have a good Thursday everyone!

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