Thursday, May 22, 2014

When in Doubt - Do A "Picture This"

One of the side effects of Spring on the farm is - difficulty in finding energy to make blog posts, take pictures - and all of the stuff along those lines.  Perhaps the hardest part is figuring out a way to present what we have for you in a way that is informative and perhaps a bit entertaining.  When the energy is low, it seems that pictures often come to the rescue.  So, here are some from the latest batch taken off of our camera tonight.


Friday - 4 pm to 6pm at Hansen's Outlet in Cedar Falls.
Saturday - 8:30 am to 11:30 am at Waverly Farmers Market

The truck will be full of Heritage varieties of peppers, tomatoes, basil and maybe some eggplant and other goodies!  Come and get them.
Oh look!  Some Genovese Basil - plant some with your tomatoes!
Everything Seems Late This Year

Once again, the crops are going in late this year.  There just isn't much you can do when it doesn't get warm and the soil is too wet.  Some of the signs that this has been a cool Spring:

  1. Rob noticed that he hasn't got the 'farmer's tan' on his arms yet.  Why?  He's been wearing long sleeved shirts most of the spring.  
  2. We haven't managed to get the equipment and supplies lined up in the buildings for normal growing season organization.  Why?  Because we've been forced to bring things in to keep them warm (over and over and over).
  3. The apple trees are just now blooming - and the two peach trees are just now thinking about blooming and opening leaves.
  4. The asparagus is just now starting to hit its stride on the farm.
  5. Mr Wren was late in arriving this year.  But, he's been up at 5:45 am each of the past two mornings to sing about 6 legged things he's had for breakfast.
  6. The dandelions are a couple weeks late.  That's saying something.

Even the Pasque Flower is just getting going.  Aren't you supposed to bloom at Easter?
But, oddly enough some things are compressing together on their seasons.  The primroses are usually fairly early, but they don't normally peak at the same time as the Pasque flower.

Primroses - a nice, easy to maintain perennial flower.
Move 'em or Lose 'em
We meant to share pictures related to our first Tom Sawyer Day of the year earlier, but we just couldn't find the energy to follow through on it.  We had three intrepid plant diggers join us for the Tom Sawyer Day and we managed to move a number of perennials from the overrun area to some better places.  Among them is the "newish" planting we started about a year ago.  It has been home to maybe a dozen plants prior to this.  Now it is well populated.  To those that helped - our thanks!  We're looking forward to the blooms coming in this location this season.
We have this thing for daylilies and iris.  Can you tell?
Just Waiting to Go In

Once again, we have a bunch of plants in trays and containers that are started (and more being started every day).  We're now able to work the fields and just have spend the time getting the tools to do their jobs.
We're hoping Memorial Day weekend will see a great deal of progress.

Onions ready to be put in the ground.

Broccoli and lettuce and asparagus!  OH MY!
Speaking of Asparagus

I'd like to thank our god daughter Inga for pointing this song out to us awhile ago.  You'll just have to go listen to it.

And - as a bonus - you can listen to this one if you like peas.

What's All The Flap About?

We've got birds on the farm.  Lots of birds.  And the turkeys have yet to arrive.

The broilers and henlets are moving out to pasture.

And we just got baby Appleyeard ducks

and baby Muscovey ducks
And, yes, they really do feel a bit like a tennis ball.

There you are!  A blog post.  Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?

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