Thursday, May 1, 2014

Upcoming Events

In case you have missed it, we have a couple of things coming up this weekend.

Waverly Farmers' Market Opening Day - Saturday May 3

Yes, it is that time again!  The farmers' market begins at its normal location and normal times. 

200 block of 1st Ave SE in Waverly - 8:30 - 11:30
For more information - visit the website.

We will be there.  Our first week offerings will include eggs, some spinach, maybe some green onions and probably some tomato plants.  We will feature the Silvery Fir Tree tomato since we don't recommend putting tomatoes in the ground just yet.  Silvery Fir Tree tomatoes are excellent for pots.  So, if you want a patio tomato plant, we'll have them for you.

Move 'Em or Lose 'Em Perennial Dig - Sunday May 4

Our first Tom Sawyer Day of 2014!  This one has a theme and an incentive to attend (or two).  We are hoping to salvage some perennial plants that are in an overgrown area on the farm.  These are casualties from a time when our focus was shifting to the vegetable operation from the perennial flowers we focused on at the time.  Whatever we don't get moved will be tilled under so we can work to rehabilitate the area they reside in currently.  We hope to move many of these to other places on the farm.  Your incentive will be that you will be allowed to take some cuttings to your own gardens if you wish.  We'd also like to remind you that you get to place your name in our end of year drawing for each hour you volunteer on the farm this year.

What more incentive do you need?  We will be digging and moving the perennials from 1 pm to 5pm on Sunday.

Will it be muddy?  Yes.  It may even be a bit on the chilly side.  But, if we wait for it to dry out, we'll never do it.  So, let's get this done!

Please RSVP to our email address if you wish to attend. 

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