Thursday, May 29, 2014

Upcoming Events and Farm News

My goodness - what a terribly uncreative bog post title!  But, since it seems to evoke a need to get to the point, perhaps I should do so.

Friday - 4:30-5:30 Plant Sale in Cedar Falls
By request, we will add a one hour plant sale at Hansen's Outlet this Friday.  Between this and Saturday's Waverly Farmers' Market, this will complete our season for selling vegetable starter plants.  Come and get them, time is right for planting.

Saturday - 8:30-11:30 Waverly Farmers Market
This will be our last Saturday market for a while until we find ourselves with so much extra produce that we have to attend again (usually August and when the heirloom tomatoes come in). 

Iris Festival at the Farm!  Saturday, May 31

Iris Fest this year is a potluck affair.  Bring something to grill for your family and something to share (salad, dessert, munchies). We really encourage you to label your potluck dish so we know a) who to give credit to and b) those who have food allergies can ask about ingredients. We’ll supply plates, forks, cups and lemonade, water and iced tea.  Bring your lawn chairs.  Bring your family.  Bring your friends.  It feels like summer.  Let’s have some fun.  See below for more details.

The spring Iris Festival occurs every year at some point near Memorial Day, the time of year that is supposed to be the typical peak iris bloom. Since we have been here, there have been no typical growing years, so we get what we get with respect to the iris flowers.
Volunteer Time There has been interest in volunteering prior to the festival in the past, so we will make it official. Starting at 2 pm, we will have volunteer tasks available for those who are willing. These tasks may include setting up tables, mowing our lawn where people will gather, prepping drinks, setting up recycling and trash containers and maybe planting something in the ground if the weather is anything like 2010 or 2013. 
Festival Time The Iris Fest begins at 4 pm. People may put munchies out, but the potluck begins officially at 5pm. The farm will often provide some sort of food to supplement the potluck, but this changes from year to year. We may announce that we will provide meat for the event (like a GFF turkey!). Depending on the year, we may have a grill available to those who want it, but you should ask before you make that assumption., .
What to Bring Bring something to grill for yourself and something to pass (salads, snacks, etc). We will have lemonade, iced tea and water available for beverages. We respectfully request that you not bring alcohol or cigarettes. We strongly suggest you bring lawnchairs. We have plates and silverware to serve forty to fifty people, but it doesn't hurt if you bring your own table service in case we exceed that number.
What You Get to Do
If you have a lawn game that you wish to share, bring it along. We typically set out whatever lawn games we have. There is also sidewalk chalk for the artists and frisbees for the athletic. We also encourage other, more sedentary games if people show interest. Tours of our farm (guided or not) will be provided for the interested. Usually, we will have young birds to view and there are friendly farm cats that will gladly run away from your children. Weather permitting, we will start a bonfire and there are often s'mores if we hear there is interest from those attending (one of the reasons an RSVP helps us!).
Please contact us if you plan to attend. Tell us how many will attend and whether you will be there during volunteer time. If there is anything we need to know to make this a positive experience, the RSVP is an excellent time to make it known.

First Week of CSA
 We are going to hold a distribution in the first week of June for the CSA.  Look for an email from us with details if you have signed up for a share.

Things are starting slow - but that's another post - but we will have enough for this week.  We may have to take a week off to let crops catch up and just extend into the Fall. 

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