Thursday, April 2, 2015

Things Worth Observing

The month of April will see us kicking off our 2015 CSA membership drive.  As part of that drive, we have a goal of putting out a blog post each day of the month.  We hope you enjoy them! 

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If you haven't noticed by now, I like to write blog posts that work in tandem with some of the pictures we have taken on the farm (or pictures others have taken and shared with us).  Sometimes, the picture inspires the writing.  Other times, I have something I want to write and I find pictures that go with it.  Today, I noticed this picture as I was previewing a batch of photos we have on file.

I do not know if the two young ladies in this picture remember when this picture was taken, but it was at one of the several events that are held each year at our farm.  But, they are doing something I, myself, love to do when I have a chance.  Taking a moment and watching a butterfly up close and personal.

If you are able to do so at some point this summer, give yourself the time to patiently wait for one of these creatures to land where you can see it.  Then watch while they fold and unfold their wings for you.  Consider how delicate they look and how tough they have to be to navigate a windy day successfully.

And maybe, just maybe, one will do you the honor of landing on you.

The farm can be a very busy place and there is a never ending list of things to do.  We do not sit down much from April to November and it can get pretty easy to be overwhelmed by the work.  Surely, we cannot spend time watching butterflies!  It isn't an efficient use of time and resources.

Or is it?

Take one minute now.  Just look at your watch or some clock for ONE MINUTE.  Don't do anything else.
OK! Time's up!  Yes, I know, it's pretty difficult to simulate time in a blog post.  But, if you have ever done this exercise, you can appreciate exactly how long one minute can feel.  And, maybe, you can also appreciate how rewarding that single minute of time can be if you spend it observing something that has value.

One minute watching a butterfly on a flower, or your hand.  One minute looking at the leopard frog under the cucumber leaf.  One minute taking in the aroma, texture and colors of a favorite iris flower.  One minute marveling at how the garter snake moves as it moves away from you in the garlic row.  One minute being amazed by the fine veins in a maple leaf or one minute of amusement noticing the miniature rainbow created by the spray from a leak in your drip irrigation.

A minute is not an unreasonable amount of time for a break, especially when that break restores a sense of wonder or well-being.  Join me in taking one minute every so often to enjoy things that are worth observing.

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