Friday, May 27, 2016

May the Flowers Be With You

It's May and the blogging time is hard to come by.  Or, even if there is time, the blogging energy is even harder to come by.
But, we have some May flower pictures that we thought we would share.  Enjoy!

They're Just Dandy!
This is worth saying a word or two.  Like most everyone else in the United States over the past several decades, we were raised to despise the dandelion.  Bane of green lawns everywhere!

We now actually like the dandelion!  Why?  Primarily because it is a food source for our pollinators at a time where there is less than maybe we would like for them to eat.  The dandelions really don't hurt much of anything as long as you keep the air filter on your mower cleaned up when they go to seed.
And, they are actually pretty.  Let your child tell you - and listen when they say it.
The Bush That Could
We were mistaken that some of our bushes didn't need to be fenced this past year.  Apparently, the rabbit population liked this decision and we have come to rue it.  So far, we haven't seen that we've lost many of the bushes.  But, they are shorter than maybe they should be at this point.  Then, there is this bush.  It kept one main stalk and it covered it in flowers this May.
Ha!  I will flower no matter what!
And More Flowers
The rest, we'll just get out of your way and let you enjoy them!

Bergenia.  We've had it in this spot since we moved here.  It likes that.

It was a good lilac year.  Just take a sniff!

Fernleaf peonies.  Never get too huge, always about 7 flowers per plant.  Why not?
I've always wanted some large hostas.  Turns out, if you leave them alone a few years, you can get them.
Oh!  Iris season!
Not sure I appreciate chive flowers nearly enough.
Did I mention that it is iris season?

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