Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Soup's Kittens (not to be confused with Soup Kitchen)

Ok folks!  The kittens have crossed the four week old mark and we're starting to actively look for homes for these two.  We've got enough cats to care for on the farm right now even though these two ARE cute. 

We thought we'd share the photos of these two that we have.

family picture

First week.  Two in one hand was easy

eyes open and one kitten per hand is better (about 2.5 weeks)

Ok, the gray one was a bit behind - ARRRR! It's a pirate cat?
 And now... what they looked like today (May 25).

Mmmmm. That food was tasty.

What?  What do you mean by that?!?
I am NOT going near that camera with the flashy thing.

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