Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Refusing to Punt

The days are still getting longer and the farmer's endurance is not keeping up!  We can only assume he will eventually figure it.  While he is working on his stamina, we thought we'd give you a brief blog post for your entertainment (and maybe his as well).

With Anemones Like These....
Who needs friends when you have anemones?
We have a nice little patch of anemones that started out as one plant 12 years ago.  It might actually be safe to say that these anemones are actually friends of ours.


Kind of slow growing year for asparagus.
Look, we've seen the cartoon with the reference to the Age of Aquarius song that substitutes Asparagus for Aquarius.  It's funny, ya.  But, why do "Age of Asparagus" when you can do "Eggs and Asparagus?"

So, we got up early on Saturday for farmers market.  It was dawn and we were selling eggs and asparagus, eggs and asparagus, aaaaaaaaaaaspaaaaaaaraaaaaaaaaaagussssssssssssssssssss!

You're welcome.

No Trays of Humility
We planted lots for one session, so there.
Yep, sometimes we go on these planting sprees and plant lots of trays.  Ok, there is actually a limit that we run up to if we're going to 'pop' the seeds in the trays on heat mats.  WE were pretty proud of this effort, so there.

Stealing Bases... er... Basses
 Both Tammy and I love baseball and we both played cello, so this pun goes right along with our interests.  This meme was going around facebook recently.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I'm very behind reading your blog, so I missed some of these gems ... I never knew you both played cello! ... Super cool! Do you still play at all?

    As a fiddle player (who has attempted to play her fiddle cello style for fun from time to time), I always imagined cello to be extremely difficult to master ... all the motions and mechanics are completely backwards... But with cello skills, that means you're much more capable of enjoying viols (an instrument I have always wished I could play).

    1. Glad you found time to read some of the blog Tamsyn. The cellos do not find much playing time anymore. But, I can tell you that cellists think the same thing (the motions and mechanics are backwards) with respect to violin/viola.


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