Thursday, January 12, 2017

Best Photos for 2016

It is time to vote for the best GFF photos of 2016!  We have selected some pictures and put them into categories.  To vote, you may either put a comment and identify your votes for each category OR you can email us OR you can tell us on Facebook what your votes are!  If you want to see each picture better you can click on it to see a larger version. Enjoy!

I. Candidates for Best Farmscape Photo 2016
I have to admit that this season was not one of our better ones for taking photos during the growing season.  It had nothing to do with subject matter and more to do with energy for photo taking pursuits.  Perhaps part of it has to do with the last category.
a. Frosty Fence in February

b. The Sun Always Rises in the  Southeast
c. If Only Every Evening Were Like This

d. Fluffy December Snow

II. Candidates for Working on the Farm Photo 2016
Tammy is most often the picture taker when people are the focus of the picture.  All but the last photo is Tammy's in this category.  We figure that's because Tammy likes people and people like Tammy.  Rob, on the other hand...  Well, let's just say he tries to be nice...   Yes, that's it!  He's very trying.

a. March Prep in Valhalla

b. the New Branch Office
c. We Dare the Vampires to Come for Us Now!

d. It Takes a Village to Put On Plastic

e. Farmer Selfie

III. Flowers on the Farm Photo 2016
We always try to take a photo or two of some of the nice flowers that grow at the Genuine Faux Farm.  Sometimes we are tempted to put alot of these on here simply because the flowers are pretty.  But, we control ourselves and pull out which ones seemed to come out the best.

a. More Color Than Most Iris

b. And All That Chive

c. Who Needs a Vase for a Flower Arrangement?
IV. A Little of This, A Little of That Photo for 2016
There are always pictures that don't fit any other category, so we just put them together and see what everyone likes!
a. Tree Trunk Art by Mother Nature

b. Beans, Beans, the Miracle Fruit

c. One of These Things...
V. The GFF Off Farm Photo 2016
We do try to get off the farm once in a while.  Sometimes, the destination provides some incredible opportunities for photos.
a. Got Your Goat (can you see them?)

b. Dew Drop Inn

c. A Path Worth Walking
There you have it!  You get one vote for each category and we will reveal results by the end of January.


  1. Just to show everyone how this is done -
    A vote could look like this
    1d, 2e, 3b, 4a, 5c

  2. 1c. If Only Every Evening Were Like This
    2 d. It Takes a Village to Put On Plastic
    3 a. More Color Than Most Iris
    4 a. Tree Trunk Art by Mother Nature
    5 c. A Path Worth Walking

  3. Thanks for the votes we collected via email, on the blog and facebook. It was a small, but mighty, group that voted. Results were 1C, 2E, 3B, 4A, 5A The finalists just got posted on facebook. The photo with the most likes wins for the 2016 GFF photo of the year! The winning photo will be given it's own GFF blog post by Rob - in other words, he has to write a story or something interesting that centers around the winning photo. that should be fun.


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