Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Nota Conference - Seriously

The Nota Conference is on the horizon and the participating farms are gearing up for this important event.  Experts from these farms are feverishly preparing for highly detailed and precise discussions related to technique and practices that will be used in the coming year to make our farms more efficient and profitable.

Things like:
The relative launch angle needed to get a bad watermelon over the fence and into the goat pasture.
A demonstration of how termites cause problems for wood structures.
There will be serious discussion and debate over the relative merits of various approaches each farm favors.

I will wear chacos on December 3rd and there is NOTHING you can do about it!
And some of these events may be participatory in nature.
Now, when the music starts... you're the "Sharks" and we're the "Jets."

We are aware of the need for physical exercise and facilities are provided for those who desire a work-out.
Nine thousand, six hundred and thirty-seven.....
Participation is voluntary, there are no mandatory drills.
That drill is completely voluntary - so there!
Children are welcome and age appropriate activities are provided.
The saw is plugged in, right?
Accommodations are cozy.
And safe from coyotes.
There will be good food.
We'll even sit down to eat it.  But, probably not outside.
Nota Conference 2017.  Serious farmers being serious.
Unless they aren't.
This post brought to you by the Gang of Four + Farms.

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