Monday, January 16, 2017

Real Medicine 2016

We have done our Best Medicine posts for several years, but we have not really given a nod to some of the posts that are more serious in nature (unless they happen to have a great funny line hidden in there somewhere).  In fact, one person mentioned that it was a shame we couldn't award 'Post of the Year' to a couple of these posts in this year's Best Medicine 'award' posting in our blog.

Well, is this our blog or isn't it?  We can do another post that highlights our best SERIOUS (ahem ahem) posts for the year.  Enjoy the excerpts - and if they motivate you to read the rest of some of these posts, please follow the links.

Help those around you to become the best version of themselves that they can be.  Help them to raise their standards.  Help them to remember their essential purposes in life.  Positively challenge them to do and be their best.  And, in so doing, you will have achieved.  And perhaps, so will they.
It Must Be All About Me - October 2
One person exclaimed, "What a beautiful place you have here!"

My first reaction to this?
"What?  Can't you see the weeds in that field?  And, those bushes over there aren't doing well.  I really don't know what to do about that.  That fence needs to be mended.  Ooops.  I forgot to clean that pile up before you all got here.  I told myself we wouldn't have another festival where the back door entrance wasn't in such poor repair.  I wish I had time to finish painting that building... etc"

And... I wish that tree hadn't been struck by lightning.

Yet, you look at it closely and you find that it's actually quite beautiful just the way it is.  Huh.
The Whole Picture - August 31

The National Organic Program guidelines support long-term soil health and pushes growers to consider long term consequences to short term actions. If there is no other reason for someone like me to go through the certification process than to improve our ability to be the best stewards we can be - then it should be enough.
Long Term Hopes - May 10

When I walk by our Northeast asparagus patch, I remember help received to plant the crowns out there several years ago.  Each time I enter the new walk-in cooler, I think of the persons who worked hard to make that construction project happen.  I see the new plastic on our smaller high tunnel building and I am reminded of all of the great folks who came early in the morning to help.  I remember the time our old truck was crushed under a building and someone immediately loaned us a truck so we could make deliveries.  We cannot repay, we can only give thanks.
Trials, Tribulations, and Thanks - November 25

Our favorite for 2016 is below. Enjoy. Rob & Tammy

This melody wins for a moment in time.  It pushes the others down until they are quiet harmonies and counterpoints.  And it reminds me that I can choose which litanies I will give voice to.  And it reminds me that the whole song just might require that I acknowledge each one of them as the music unfolds.
A Choice of Litany - December 10

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