Saturday, August 21, 2021

Saturday Playlist

I have always enjoyed listening to music - perhaps more than many people do.  Sometimes I listen carefully to the lyrics and other times I pick out a neat counter-melody or interesting textures as the song progresses.  Like most people, I have my favorite music artists and composers, but I am willing to listen to a fairly broad range of styles.  And, I also find that I have cycles as to what kinds of music I want to hear.

An odd thing happened recently.  I actually rolled into a cycle where I wasn't really in the mood for music.  

Perhaps it was because I am still working to regain my concentration levels I had prior to my April surgery and I couldn't have music on while I worked.  Maybe I played so much music during the early weeks of recovery that it was only natural that I would want a break.  I really don't know.

When you aren't feeling like hearing music, you just aren't.

The good news, as far as I am concerned is that music is back on the menu for me now... and I am finding that I am hearing familiar songs from a fresh viewpoint.  Perhaps this break was what I needed? Is it possible that the continuous presence of music was making me deaf to its beauty?  

Well, the ears are open now.  And to celebrate, I thought I would share a short playlist of some songs I am currently appreciating (or re-appreciating).

Bendy Line - the Prayer Chain

Invisible Man - Prodigal

Tears in the Ground - Sam Phillips

Sunshine Girl - the Choir

On Giant's Shoulders - Future of Forestry

A Place Called Earth - Jon Foreman and Lauren Daigle

White Room - Apocalyptica and Jacoby Shaddix

Bright Wings - Mortal

I Wanna Remember - NeedtoBreathe with Carrie Underwood

Zombie - Bad Wolves

It Could Have Been Me - the Call 

The Sound of Summer Running - Alison Brown Quartet

Symphony of Shadows III - Cello Fury

Bring Me To Life (Synthesis) - Evanescence

Battle Cry (Bonus Mix) - Evelyn Glennie

Restore My Soul - the Choir

Have a good remember of your weekend.  I hope you enjoy a song or two out of this group.  Or, if you aren't in the mood for music (or don't have internet to play these) I hope you listen to what your heart needs.. .and maybe to what the birds outside your window are telling you.

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