Saturday, September 4, 2021

Another Saturday Music Set

Believe it or not, it was actually two weeks ago that I wrote about the role music plays (or hadn't played) for me recently - and the fact that my interest was returning yet again.  Since that time, I've been listening to music more and more often.  It's to the point where I might be approaching "pre-slump" listening levels.  Not that I keep track that much.

It has been good to reacquaint myself with music that I haven't listened to in a while.  And, I actually hunted up a few new things to listen to as well.  If anything good comes from the pandemic, it will be the fact that it encouraged many artists who had not produced new material for some time to have their voices or instruments heard again.

In any event, a few folks enjoyed the Saturday play list from two weeks ago, so I thought I would offer up a new playlist for this weekend!  If you enjoy a couple of these, great!  If you don't want to - or if you would rather listen to the wind in the trees or the trickle of water in a brook, that's fine too!

Have a great Saturday!

Sight of You - Future of Forestry

Rooftops - Vector

Krigsgaldr - Heilung 

Bones - Fuzzel

Wolves - Switchfoot

the Woods - the Choir 

Про Ивана грув - Otava Yo

Cage on the Ground - Flyleaf

Sad But True - the Hu

This is the Way Love Is - 77s

Seconds - U2

The Return of Per Ulv - Bjornstad & Rypdal

Tale O' the Twister - Chagall Guevara

Give Me Strength - Over the Rhine 

Flying and Flocking - Zoe Keating

That ought to give you a fairly diverse set of things to listen to and consider.  See you tomorrow for Postal History Sunday!

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