Friday, January 11, 2019


You shouldn't walk here became you can not walk here.  The transition happened over a period of five days when the skies were leaden and heavy and the water that poured from it found itself trapped on the surface of our farm with no where else to go.

Meanwhile, many of our plants were disappointed to learn that they CAN NOT walk either.  But, in their case, this was largely the status quo.  Walking had never been their strong suit and now that they might have really loved to have walked somewhere else (perhaps anywhere else) they found what might have been an inconvenience was now a severe detriment to their health. 

Many of the lettuce plants succumbed to the conditions while several others did not.  Perhaps the survivors looked at their reflections in the water and said, "I see myself in this water and I see possibilities.  I could fail, or I could find some way to succeed.  It might not be what I envisioned for myself at the beginning, but I can find a way to live and be productive even when conditions are difficult."

We grew some pretty smart lettuce on the farm this past season.  Too bad we cut them off at their base and gave them to people to be eaten.  Aren't you glad you aren't lettuce?

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