Friday, January 4, 2019

Weeding Bandits

The farming year that was 2018 will likely be known for the year of the Rain of Terror.  Earlier in the year, we thought it might be known for the late start to snow season and the corresponding slow start for getting seeds and plants into the ground.  But, we should not forget that we also had weeks and weeks of buffalo gnats.

At this point, I am tempted to succumb to some biting commentary, but I will refrain. 

Instead, I prefer to focus on the blessings our farm had that came in the form of Caleb, Emma and Sophie.  Others came and worked periodically on the farm (we are looking at you Kennedy, Tucker and Jocelyn) and we are grateful to them.  But, these were the members of our summer crew in 2018 that kept coming back to work in conditions that were less than ideal.

Both Tammy and I hate asking others to do things for us when conditions are rough.  Certainly, we accept that work on the farm can be difficult and those that work for us should expect a few challenges.  But, if conditions are such that even the two of us are struggling?  Even so, these three didn't leave us stranded.  They did not complain (at least not in our hearing) but they did commiserate.  They even posed for pictures on a very hot day when they were wearing long sleeves, bandanas, gloves and goggles so they could avoid being eaten by a very healthy and aggressive gnat population.

I've heard others complain that people do not know how to work hard anymore.  In particular, I've heard the age-old saw that 'young people don't want to work hard' from multiple people.  This is not true.  There are plenty of people who want to put in honest labor for reasonable reward.  These people care about results and the well-being of the whole.

There is hope yet, folks.  We just need to keep encouraging it.

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