Sunday, January 6, 2019

Real Medicine 2018

We have done our Best Medicine posts for several years and beginning last year, we gave a nod to some of the posts that are more serious in nature.  This was Tammy's brainchild as she felt our end of the year retrospective posts seemed to ignore some valuable writing.  Thank you Tammy for thinking these were worthy of another look.

Our 2016 Efforts are linked here. And 2017 is here.

Enjoy the excerpts - and if they motivate you to read the rest of some of these posts, please follow the links.

From I Would Walk in the Woods, December 21 
As for Tammy and I, we would walk in the woods if we could.  We know others might like to as well.  But, even if we couldn't walk in the woods, we still want them to be there, because it doesn't all have to be about us.
From Queue and A Again, November 27
Am I optimistic about the future?  I choose to be optimistic about the future, and I hope you will as well.  Because if both of us make that choice, then that's two of us who will be working to make things better.  Twice my effort.  I'm all for that!
From Confidence Builder, October 17
This is where I think humans often err.  We have this tendency to believe that any business, organization or service that has been around for five or more years has been around "forever" and we forget that while they might have more stability than newer groups, they still have struggles.  One struggle that is specific to farms like ours is the realization that there isn't really a magical point in time where it all "gets easy."  If you are doing things right (in my opinion) many parts of farming "get easier," but a good farm is one that is perpetually looking to improve.  And improvement is hard.
From The Sandman Retires, May 19
Surely six years is far too short of time to have known such an excellent creature. 

After all, who wouldn't love THIS mug?
From A Thousand More Words, Dec 29
As farmers, we take it upon ourselves to plant, cultivate and care for these plants throughout the process that leads to this brief moment of perfection.  We take pleasure in the stages that lead to peak bloom and we look at this same stand of sunflowers with fondness after that peak because we can still see the shadows of magnificence in what remains. 

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