Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Local lunch

I am taking a couple of minutes for lunch (as in, I don't really have the time, but I am MAKING the time so I don't freak out in class in a few minutes). As I was snarfing my yummy food (taking time does not, unfortunately mean "slowly savoring"), I was reflecting on a) how nice it is that I have lunch here and don't have to do somewhere to find food and b) how colorful my lunch is today.

What's on this locavore's lunch list? Ham and Bean chowder - made with beans grown in my own garden (still experimenting with how to grow dried beans on any sort of doable scale), onions and spices from my own garden and ham from a friend's farm that is about 40 miles away. Also on the menu was some very yummy and very orange hubbard squash. While not from my own garden, darn that flood and those squash bugs!, it is still from within a county, and I know the farmer who raised the squash. So, a very nice local lunch today.


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