Friday, January 16, 2009

You know it's cold when...

  • the battery in your outdoor thermometer freezes
  • icicles form on your scarf after just 15 minutes outside
  • a high of 5 degrees Fahrenheit sounds warm
  • there is a duck in your kitchen (again)
  • it takes you a half hour to put on/take off the layers you wear when you go outside
  • chicken eggs chip the cement when you throw them against it - but the egg doesn't break
  • water droplets tossed from a mug bounce when they hit the ground
  • breathing through your mouth makes you cough and through your nose freezes your nostrils shut
  • your cat won't move from her box near the radiator
  • a 5 mile per hour breeze feels like gale-forced winds
  • the soles of your boots don't bend with your feet like you're used to them doing
  • you have to turn your whole body to look for something that is a bit to your right, just so you can see it (consider the scarf, hood, etc...)
  • even the sun dogs are trying to get inside
  • you can almost see the needle on the home's propane tank go down (but that might be the icicle growing on your eyelashes)
  • you can actually feel the difference between -30 degrees F and -20 degrees F
  • what you thought was the sound of a bird chattering away was just its knees knocking together
  • baling wire breaks when you try to bend it
  • you feel better only after you remind yourself of the winter you spent in Duluth where the temps didn't get above zero for the whole month of January...

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  1. If you want to see a story in our farm newsletter that describes what we experienced during our one Duluth winter - try this link


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