Monday, January 19, 2009

No...not in threes!?!

The old saying about things happening in threes is true - as long as you know when to start and stop your counting.

For example, I sprained my ankle three four years. So, there you are - proof of the concept.

With this in mind, I am frantically trying to figure out a third thing to go with a pair of problems we are now having to deal with.

Our tractor (with the snow blower attachment) informed us last night that it was going on strike. This morning, our hot water heat in the house informed us that it wants some attention. We do not want, or need, a third such item - so I have to think of something of equivalent nature to add to them in order to make it a trio. Then we should be safe....until the urge to count strikes us again.

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  1. Just as a follow up - we have decided the computer is number 3. It's been a pain lately.

    So, we are done with the counting now.

    Still need to fix the tractor. Heat is ok. Computer is a work in progress.

    There you have it.


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