Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dain Bread

Last week was what one might term as a 'difficult' week. The result is that both of us have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and tired. This happens every so often each year we've done the CSA and the vegetable farm. It's just a fact of life for us.

What's odd is that I know that it is time for me to take care of myself and do a few things to recharge when I feel DAIN BREAD (aka brain dead).

Perhaps the first clue was when I was having trouble even conversing with T without a few 'spoonerisms' or lapses into various babbling sounds that fail to communicate meaning to most intelligent beings. Since T is intelligent - she was saying things like.... "WHAT?!?" fairly often.

But, perhaps the worst part was the feeling that my brain was too tired to even concentrate on short mental tasks. For example, you would think I could count 15 heads of lettuce as I pick? Nope, had to count them three times to make sure I had enough. It's good to be thorough and careful. It's not good when you lose track as you count somewhere between 8 and 10 the first two times you try though...

Now, before you wave this off - consider this - I'm a numbers person. Love numbers. I like trying calculations in my head and then checking them to see if I got them right. It's a sickness - I know. But, there is a serious problem if I consistently get 9 times 6 coming out as 42. (Universe is 12 short - thank you Douglas Addams).

Hopefully, we are both coming out of the 'dain bread' state of being. But, until then, be prepared to say..


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