Monday, July 27, 2009

Tom Sawyer Days

We host something we call "Tom Sawyer Days" at the farm in an effort to get our CSA members and other interested folks an opportunity to get a feel for how work on the farm goes. We've had a couple of small, but enthusiastic groups for the last couple of TSD's - so we thought we'd share some pictures we have from one of them.

Ignore the guy with the guy with the red hat who appears to be doing nothing. Instead, see if you can see the workers clearing the ragweed from the old hog building in the back! Hurray! This is just one example of the kind of task that often appears as part of a TSD. It's a task that is fairly concrete, it can usually be completed by the end of the event AND it is usually a task that we really want or need done, but know we'll never get to it unless we get some help.

Towards the front you can see rows of lettuce, radish, arugula and spinach. The foreground is weeds and some perennial flowers and grasses we put there on purpose...

Some tasks are even more concentrated - like freeing the hollyhocks from weeds so we can enjoy the flower show when it happens. Note the totally awesome pile of weeds in the foreground and the healthy looking plants that turn into.....

A very blurry group of hollyhocks. Ok. They aren't all that blurry in real life. But, there it is.

And, of course, there is always the option of taking a break. For the next TSD, come weed a row and get a free hammock break.

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