Friday, September 25, 2009

No! Come Back!

We're noticing it more each and every day on the farm.

The sun. It isn't there like it used to be.

Neither of us are truly 'morning people.' We don't get up at 4 AM or even 5 AM as people seem to think all who farm must do. But, we get up early enough and we stay up late enough and that's just the way it is.

But, we have come to rely (perhaps too much) on the rising sun to help get us out of bed in the morning. This can lead to some pretty early mornings in June and July. But, Mr. Sun does tend to help with the process.

Part of the issue is that the lack of light earlier in the day actually shortens the amount of time we have to get work done. And, yet, deadlines for things such as...oh...CSA distributions remain the same. Hm. Sounds like the standard 'get more done in less time' scenario. And, R quit working in a software 'sweatshop' some time ago... Odd that it would come back home to roost in a new way.

Maybe we need to get a giant 'light box' for the whole farm?

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  1. I absolutely hate this time of the year in terms of the lack of sunlight, but I love fall in general. It's too bad we skipped fall entirely and dove right into early winter...

    A giant light box sounds like a good plan to ME.


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