Monday, September 7, 2009

Picture This - Imagine That

Zinnias are very nice this time of year. If you can see them for all of the weeds. But, we still like them!

Just noticed we had this picture scanned in of Strider. He was our indoor supervisor cat, gone to the eternal perch by the window. Someday a Strider 'hunting' story may make the blog.

We've been pretty pleased with the Wisconsin Lakes peppers this season. Like all colored bell peppers, production per plant is limited - and the amount of time is longer than if you are willing to eat green bells. But, these tend to be the earliest and most consistent colored bell producer we have had. It is an heirloom variety and has outperformed hybrids we trialed in prior years. Now, if we could get these to give us EXACTLY the number needed for one CSA distribution. But, I guess we forgot to inform them of the numbers in time.

Those who took a field tour for the Summer Festival got to see some of these in the field. The picture does NOT do these things justice. There are a couple in the field that will approach 20 pounds. Very impressive squash indeed. They are called Boston Marrow and this is our first year trialing them (last year doesn't count for various reasons).

Last two pictures come courtesy of Seed Savers website (

And then - you've heard of Dakota Fanning? How about a turkey fanning?
Ok, I worked too hard for that one. But, here is a picture of a turkey fanning its tail feathers nonetheless.

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