Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What to do, what to do?

Well, here it is... a request by the Queen Boss of this outfit.

What should we bring to a potluck? Suggestions?

All right, here are the details.

Practical Farmers of Iowa sponsors field days. We held one last August and we hosted a potluck/heirloom tomato tasting & provided roast bison sandwiches. The food brought by participants was excellent.

Now, we find ourselves looking at attending a field day at Scattergood in West Branch. How should we represent our farm *and* provide something very yummy for people to munch during the potluck portion of this event?

There isn't really any pressure here. T just thought it might be fun to ask people to suggest things that either

a) have been something they have enjoyed that we have brought/created in the past
b) is something that might make you think of our farm and what we do
c) would simply be a really cool thing to bring to this potluck

Rules of suggestions are as follows:
1. It has to be able to travel well over a couple of hours - and then sit for two more while presentations are given.
2. It can't be too terribly complicated and should be able to be completed in a couple of hours at most.
3. Primarily uses items we have on the farm.

go to it!

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