Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Interesting Results

We do various experiments/research every year.  This year, some of the research was a part of a SARE grant and we're looking forward to running some of the numbers.

Green Bean Production - Double vs Single Rows

# #/seed ft #/row ft
Provider Single 193 0.97 0.97
Provider Double 235.65 0.59 1.18
Jade Single 169.85 0.85 0.85
Jade Double 353.5 0.88 1.77

We have planted our green beans in single and double rows in the past and have not been sure as to which might provide the best production.  A double row is essentially a single seed bed with a double row of seeds at a spacing that allows our thinnest wheel hoe between the seed rows.

In this case, our single rows were in a seed bed with a potato row.  So, it is not a pure comparison.  Nonetheless, there may be a reason we haven't been able to get an intuition on which did best.  It turns out that one of our bean varieties doesn't seem to care (Jade) and the other isn't so fond of the doubling (Provider).  Interesting.

Cucumber Succession Variety Results

pct total Pct succ
Wautoma I 307 5% 8%
Boothby's Blonde I 834 14% 23%
Green Slam I 577 10% 16%
True Lemon I 896 15% 24%
Marketmore I 689 12% 19%
Cool Breeze I 394 7% 11%
AC Pickling II 345 6% 16%
Boothby's Blonde II 707 12% 33%
Green Slam II 234 4% 11%
Parade II 373 6% 17%
Marketmore II 313 5% 15%
Wautoma II 162 3% 8%

We have planted as many as three successions of cucumbers, but we don't always have time to manage them.  On the other hand, we have determined that some varieties do not like certain successions.  For example, True Lemon failed miserably in succession II a couple of years ago. 

I 3697 63%
II 2134 37%

These successions are not created equal.  There was a poor germination rate for succession II, thus a lower set of production numbers with fewer plants.  The varieties that were in both successions seemed to be consistent for Green Slam, Marketmore and Wautoma.  On the other hand, Boothby's Blonde did remarkably well.  Germination rates were slightly better for Boothby's, but not that much better.

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