Saturday, October 6, 2012

September in Pictures

 This one is easier to appreciate if you look at the slightly larger version by clicking on it.  Fall asters (both white and purple) are all over our 'wild area' this year.  The coneflowers took a hit this year, as did the rudebekia, etc.  But, the asters are happy.

this is a difficult pictures to understand, but it is an attempt to document the dry bean harvest we must forego in the sprayed area of our farm.  They were really looking good with lots of pick.  To the compost pile with you!

We have some new additions on the farm.  Cubbie was complaining that she can't keep up with the rodent population, so we now have a couple of new kittens.  We are starting them outdoors in one of our cages normally used to protect lettuce.  We're trying to control their early exposure to the elements.  Those elements include wind, rain, cold, tractors, trucks, hayracks, carts and human feet.  In addition to that, we want to establish where their 'home base' is early.  We need to be able to find these two - especially while they are small.   Above is Mrranda (Carmen Mrranda - she knows her rights).  In any event, she doesn't like the camera.

And here is Sandy aka the Sandman or Mr. Sandy Claws.  He'll purr at nearly anything - including the camera.

Our CSA distribution just East of the Hansen's Outlet building in Cedar Falls.  We've liked the location so far!

 And, here is a sampling of a CSA share in September.

We had tomatoes.  Here is the spread from a Waverly Farmers' Market Saturday AM a couple of weeks ago.

Dry bean picking is labor intensive.  For the cost of a chili dinner, we got some helpers!  Yay!  By the way, these are the dry beans in the East section of the farm that was NOT sprayed.  And, yes, there is still one half of that field to pick.  Oy.

The truck barn was scraped in the Spring and still needed some paint.  Tammy and I managed to get the lower part of the South side primed during one of the really warm days just PRIOR to the currently cool weather.  Since then, we've primed the top half and painted the bottom half.  Things have to warm a little for us to do any more on it.

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