Monday, October 15, 2012

Newsletter for mid-October

While our honest to goodness 'newsletters' are inconsistently produced, you can at least say we try to be consistent with our CSA emails and our blog postings.  So, in an effort to stay in touch with everyone, here is a newsletter that includes links to recent blog posts (along with a summary of each so you can decide if you want to read each one).

General Farm News:
  • We have about 18 ducks still available.  If you are not interested, please point others who might be to us.
  • We need more people to reserve turkeys.  Note to all: Roots is no more.  They handled a large number of turkey orders.  You want a bird, reserve it now with us!  Process date is Oct 25 (Thus).  If you can pick up on that day before we freeze them, you get a discount on the price.  Usually mid-afternoon in Waverly as we return from Greene (where Martzahn's is located).
  • We will have stewing chickens (about 40) available.  Processed on Oct 24.  These are good for the crock pot (slow cooking).  We will be keeping the price down on these.
  • Last week of the regular season CSA is this week.  Thank you all.
  • Sign up for 2013 as soon as you know.  We say this every year, but we want to fill up as soon as possible so we can concentrate on growing the food for you, not selling the program to others.
  • Fall extended season.  We will start with a short 4 week extended fall.  Interested persons should send a note - we know who many of you are already.  Note coming to you soon.
Genuine Faux Farm in The Iowan.
    We were recently featured with three other farms in the Iowa.  There is a link to view the article online here.  We also note that the Iowan issue with our article is on news stands NOW.  Thank you Gerry for encouraging us to continue to let people know about the article. Our blog post explaining further is here.

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 Happy October everyone!

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