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Celebrating 1000 Posts

While you may not have been counting, it just so happens that the Blogger software does.  This is the 1000th post on the Genuinely Faux Blog - the "official" blog of the Genuine Faux Farm.  I have heard somewhere that a 1000th blog post deserves some sort of celebration.  So, we thought we'd celebrate by highlighting GFF bloggishness (yes, I did just make that word up - isn't that great?) by just sharing all sorts of things blog.

Hey, it doesn't have to make any sense - it's the farm!  We would now like to introduce our host and Spokescat, the Sandman!
"I would like to state, for the record, that I am celebrating this 1000 thing under protest.  I, the Sandman, have spoken"
Um.  Thank you Sandman.  In case some of you have missed it, the Sandman has spoken before on our blog.  He would probably appreciate it if you checked it out.  Or, perhaps, he won't really care.  We can't always be sure.  But, he does like a good skritching.

We were curious what posts landed on other "milestone numbers" and here is what we found:
 Interestingly enough, these four posts don't do a half-bad job of representing some of the things that matter to us.  Clearly, a sense of humor - such as it is - is required here.  Add in a decent dose of introspection and some honest to goodness farm reporting and you've got the blog.

Well, that and - there have been quite a few cool pictures in the blog. 
Like the 2016 Photo of the Year
 It seems like the high tunnels get a fair amount of 'press' on our farm.  But, when you think about it, they have been a pretty big deal since the first build in 2010 and have perhaps made the most difference between a farm failure and a farm success.

And, there is all sorts of silliness in this blog if you are looking for it.  We actually pick some of them out every year in our Best Medicine posts.  For example:

We flipped a chicken to see who got the first shower.  Heads, Tammy got to shower first, tails, I got to shower first.  While Tammy was trying to catch the chicken, I ran inside and took a shower.

From Slivers and Onions - May 3, 2012 you think there is a market in "pre-tested" zucchini?  The hardest part would be trying to figure out how to attractively package this product.

What?  I was thinking about zucchini with a bite taken out of each one.  What were you thinking?!? 
From Counting Pre Tested Zucchini from August 5, 2013

Our blog has chronicled a wide number of topics, including our involvement in the Gang of Five (it was Four) farms.  We get together with our farm friends each month during the growing season to do work on one of the farms and then share a meal. 
And the group believes in getting kids started using real tools early in life.
We have identified posts that we feel are some of our best work and we will share links throughout this blog post.  If you want to get a flavor for what we think is some good reading, check these out:
Best Post: A Choice of Litany
Best Pun Post: Minding Your Peas (and cukes)
Best Story Post or Series: The Oh Well Saga, post III (has links to I and II)
Best Post about the Environment: Eyes Wide Shut

We'll be sure to share more "best" posts as you scroll down.  But, things have gotten too serious here and we need to share some more "lines of merit" for your amusement.

*cue Indiana Jones music*

Wait a minute.  Why does this music have castanets in it?  I don't remember those.  Oh.. that was your teeth chattering?  Umm never mind the music then.

 From Adventures in the Negative - January 27, 2014

So, you know all of those spots that look like they've gotten REALLY wet in the ceiling?  Yep, the spots that actually have holes starting and the insulation falling through?  That isn't from a leaky roof.  It's from a raccoon leaking....  And remember, when you ask a raccoon "Number 1 or number 2?"  It will usually say, "Both."

From Poo d'Etat - April 25, 2012

It might be tempting to think that all we do on the farm is think up puns and things to write about.  But, much of this is driven by the fact that Rob does spend a good deal of time working on the farm.  Some of the tasks he has to do are repetitive in nature, which leaves his mind free to roam.
So, blame the farm the next time he puts out a pun that makes you groan!
Now, that's a word I think has alot going for it - "obliquely."  But, I probably shouldn't talk about it directly - it might be offended.
From November - A Quality Month : November 18, 2015

I keep telling myself - "Self, get the digital camera out.  People want to see pictures."  Unfortunately, my self replies with, "YOU go get the camera, I'm busy."   I'm not sure if this is a good sign when one's own self is indignant with a request...  I'll have a word with him later.

From Mad Dash - May 20, 2011

There are a couple of annual posts that seem to get a fair amount of attention each year.   Our yearly April Fool's post and our Thanksgiving post probably get more reaction than anything else we put out there.  We took a moment and selected the two examples of these posts that we thought were the best on our blog:

Best April Fool's Post: 2017 April Fool
Best Thanksgiving Post: 2015 Thanksgiving

We have been able to share the things that happen on the farm with the hopes that it will help others to make more of a connection to their food and to the land.  We see this blog as an educational tool, as a promotional tool and as a personal recollection that we share with those who care to see it.

All that, and we like neat pictures of garlic.
And, there has to be an outlet for some of this.. erm... stuff:
We have noticed that one of the few plants that suppress Canadian Thistle is Crab Grass.....  As Anden said so well, "The enemy of our enemy is.....uh... still our enemy."

From All We Are Saying - June 29, 2011

We can plant if we want to
We can leave clean hands behind
'Cause the seeds must grow and if they don't grow
We're in the unemployment line

From  The Safety Plantz  - May 8, 2010

And, we had a few more categories that we thought would be fun to share as "Best of" posts:

Best Post Featuring a GFF Critter: Mr Wren's Day
Best Post for other Farmers to Relate to: The Season for Farmer Delusional Syndrome

Best Philatelic Post: Misunderstandings and Irony
The "We can even make numbers (somewhat) enjoyable" Post: Things (Farm) Records are Made Of

Squish - ya, that's a squash. There is a summer squish, pumpkin squish, butternut squish and rotten squish that goes 'squish' when it's squashed.
2009 Mutual fascination between kids and turklets
Our blog is a chance to view the journey that is our time making the Genuine Faux Farm work.  There are difficult times, mistakes, successes and big projects.   In all cases, we remember to not take ourselves too seriously and above all that we must see the positive side and use humor to help us get past things that threaten to drag us down.

If the number of items with high VAPCONs is ridiculous and your VAPWWYTRat is high enough to warrant a farm-wide Red Flag Warning, then you are probably not actually dealing with VAPs.  Instead, you have succumbed to the temptation of creating OAPs (Overly Ambitious Plans).  And, we all know what that leads to...

A NAP (No Ambition Plan).

From VAP : July 8, 2016

Because You Need to Laugh Post: Know Your Okra, Know Your Farmer

Thank you for joining us for the first 1000 posts of the Genuinely Faux Blog.  Here's to 1000 more.

2016 Farmer Selfie!

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