Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Which Side?

A week or so ago someone pushed me on an issue and wanted to know "exactly what side I was on."  

Apparently, they do not know me all that well.

The moment you imply that I should stand in opposition of good people that I happen to know are not in agreement with you is the moment I find myself wondering if I need to put some distance between us.  It does not matter if my thoughts actually align with you with respect to whatever issue you have brought up.  After all, it turns out that some of the things I think and believe line up with people I happen to get along with as well as people I don't get along with all that well.  

That's part of why I resurrected the "Carrotman" creation (thanks again Sam!).  I am not particularly fond of carrots.  Ok.  I grow them and harvest them and even clean them.  But, I will not eat them (yes, I have tried).  I mean... I could have stood completely on principle and determined that I would not grow carrots on the farm ever...

But, I overcame my differences enough and there are, in fact, a few carrots in one of our fields right now.  They need weeding, but they look pretty good so far.

So, am I "pro-carrot" or "anti-carrot?"  Which side am I on?

Well, Tammy actually likes to snack on carrots and I like her a lot.  Does that make me a "pro-carrot" individual?  However, I honed a skill to remove all of the little orange carrot squares from my mixed vegetables so I could eat the rest of the veggies without a single carrot touching my lips.  So, I must be part of the "anti-carrot" crowd?

It may sound like I am not taking the actual subject seriously.  But, I actually am.  The idea of being for or against carrots is actually more complex than either/or.  I can be pleased to pull out a nice sized "Bugs Bunny" carrot out of the ground and not want to see it on my plate in any form.  On the other hand, I can take pleasure in the fact that Tammy (or numerous other people) will happily enjoy carrots I grow.

And you actually think a more serious topic should be simplified down to just "for or against?"

You've got to be kidding me.  Really?  

Let me be blunt.  This is how relationships come to an end.  This is how we tear down good things that have been built.  This is how wars are started.  

Stop pushing the narrative that your side is "good" while everyone else who is not on your side is "bad."  You aren't making change, you are creating conflict.  Conflict usually hurts those who can help themselves the least.  We are better than that.

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