Monday, December 22, 2008

A snow ball's chance

While this picture doesn't do it justice, our 11 inches of snow came with an east wind. If you look closely, you can see the hollowed out area on the far side of the oak trees.

This was followed by about 3 more inches of snow, but a howling north west wind. Here's what happens to our landscape when we get that sort of wind.

The snow that HAD been around these oaks is now drifted in the entrance/exit of our drive to the gravel road. It's only three to four foot deep there. No problem.

And, you know it is cold when you get visited by sun dogs. The sun, of course is the brighter blob and the sundog is to the right.

If you look in the foreground you can see how the wind made some cool patterns on the ground with the snow.

Below is an even better picture of the sundogs...well, the one of the left (south). It's hard to frame shots with this camera - but you get the....ya.


  1. Faux Phauxtos? Does that mean they're doctored?

  2. Ben wins the first REAL person to post award.

    Worth 41 points - he knows what I'm talking about too.


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