Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Blues

It is only December 16 and we've already had more winter weather than most at the farm. In some ways, this is welcomed since the gardens no longer 'require' constant attention. It is time for them, and their caretakers, to rest for a while. A slower and milder entry into winter would only encourage us to keep adding to the list of things that need to be done on the farm. You can never reach the target of being fully prepared for winter - because when you do - you simply adjust the target to a point further away from where are right now. A simple recipe for failure to reach a goal.

It probably isn't entirely accurate to say that winter is a time for the farm caretaker to rest. It is true that the physical part of the job is lessened a good deal. The driving force that is vegetables needing to be tended and picked isn't there - so there is no continuous frenzy of activity.

Instead, there is that tremendously long list of things that didn't get done when the veg was demanding full attention.

Unfortunately, I find myself needing to supply more of my own motivation - and I currently find it lacking. The daylight hours are short. The weather isn't terribly friendly for outside work. The social outlet of farmers' markets and CSA distributions don't exist during this time of year.

And then, there's still that infernally long list....

And, add to that THE QUESTION that everyone who is not a veg farmer tends to ask of those who are. Come on now, say it with me:

So, what DO you do over the winter months?

I think I've just answered your question - in case you wanted to know. I sit in a chair and do absolutely nothing for a LOOOOONG time. Then, I compose a few posts in a silly blog to see if I can get one started. And...

I try to ignore the long list.

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