Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow is like...

We've had a lot of snow this week. My best count, consider the snow inconsiderately blows around making actual measurement more of actual guess work (or would that be faux measurement?). I think we had 3 inches early in the week, 11 inches on Thursday and about 4 more today. That adds up to....a foot and a half! In less than a week... Wow!

I was thinking today about how to describe all of this neat snow to my almost 5 year old niece who lives in a warm, sunny state and has never, ever seen snow. She has likely not even seen frost unless inside the freezer. So, how to describe snow? A whole bunch of snow cones, but without the flavoring? The inside of a snowglobe? Sort of like sand on the beach, but also in the air and NOT cozy on bare feet? She has seen fine white sand "drift" on the beach. Is that close? Not really.

Another thought - is it ok for a child to grow up never seeing snow? What would childhood be like without the anticipation of snow days? This northern born gal really, actually, does not want to know. Snow forts, snow angels, blizzards... all part of the ritual that makes me appreciate green when it finally returns (in, oh say, 160 days or so...).

As an FYI - check out Barrow, Alaska on a weather site that lists temps and sunrise info. Guess what? Today, Dec 20th, they have NOTHING listed for sunrise. Nothing. Know why? Yep - there is none. The sun does not officially get above the horizon in Barrow today. Not tomorrow either. There's a thought that makes today's blizzard seem, somehow, not quite so bad.


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