Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Well...what do you know?

This is, of course, a most excellent question.

The answer, my friend....

The most difficult thing about starting a blog is the pressure to keep it up to date. Its mere existence is enough to require content. And, like everything web - a dead blog is a sad thing to see. Even if no one ever looks at it.

To make matters worse, there is either a tendency to try to be 'oh so clever.' Something I can fail quite readily at. What am I waiting for?

We're going to try a trial blog for the next two months to see if this is a worthy component for our farm and CSA. At the very least, it could become a feedback area for our farm share members.

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  1. Shall I leave a comment? Be the very first comment on this brand new blog?

    Ok. i shall. I have given thought to this very thing. So, I think I'll let you take the lead and be a contributing editor. Shall I do that through the comment box or should we do a dual posting - is that even possible?



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